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ECRFC has been going since 1980, we have many alumni. The support of the alumni is what helps keep this team successful and continuing the tradition of Eau Claire Rugby. The team wants to thank the Alumni for everything they continue to give to the current team. It is greatly appreciated!

35th Anniversary Alumni Weekend

The 35th Alumni match was May 2nd at the Bollinger Rugby Pitch. This day was special for many reasons. The years of alumni played agianst the current team. The match was tough but in a good spirit. The alumni team finished strong and won the game. As is tradition.
The social meeting happened right after the game. At this time the current team met the alumni players and learned a lot about the club history.
This was a great time for everybody, and we want to thank everybody for the big number that came to celebrate the club history.
We hope to see everybody at the next event!

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